Mission to Missionaries
Occupancy and Rates

EdenRidge rental rates are intentionally very reasonable and are designed to cover only our basic operating costs including taxes, housekeeping, insurance, utilities, Internet access, and supplies. We encourage all guests, to the extent they are able, to donate additional funds so that we can continue to maintain and expand EdenRidge.   

  • Missionaries (80% Discount)

    $24/night + $4.14 tax = $28.14
    (one-bedroom cabins)

    $41/night + $7.07 tax = $48.07
    (two-bedroom cabins)

    $58/night + $10.01 tax = $68.01
    (three-bedroom cabins)

    These rates represent an 80% discount off our standard rates. Please enter MISSION as the discount code when checking out in our reservation system.

A missionary, as defined by Mission to Missionaries, is an individual or a family unit who agrees with our Statement of Faith and has served, is serving, or is on their way to serving full time under the umbrella of an evangelical missionary organization.

If you are a missionary organizing a family reunion or gathering, units occupied by missionaries qualify for the 80% missionary discount and units occupied by non-missionaries qualify for the 50% leader rate.

  • Employees of Christian organizations including churches, ministries, universities, radio stations, etc.
    (50% Discount)

    $60/night + $10.35 tax = $70.35
    (one-bedroom cabins)

    $102.50/night + $17.68 tax = $120.18
    (two-bedroom cabins)

    $145/night + $25.01 tax = $170.01
    (three-bedroom cabins)

    These rates represent a 50% discount off our standard rates. Please enter LEADER as the discount code when checking out in our reservation system.

  • Standard Rates:
    $120/night + $20.70 tax = $140.70
    (one-bedroom cabins)

    $205/night + $35.36 tax = $240.36
    (two-bedroom cabins)

    $290/night + $50.03 tax = $340.03
    (three-bedroom cabins)


  • A two-night minimum stay is required and reservations cannot normally exceed 14 days. If you would like to stay longer than 14 days, please contact us at rest@edenridge.org and we will be happy to review your request.
  • All guests must agree with the Mission to Missionaries Statement of Faith.
  • EdenRidge is a smoke-free facility.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • No candles or open flames of any kind are allowed inside the cabins.
  • The furniture in the cabins may not be rearranged.

Mission to Missionaries Statement of Faith

We believe:

  • In one God eternally existent in the Trinity: God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • That God sent his only begotten Son to redeem us and forgive us of our sins, transgressions and iniquities through the substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ, Who was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, performed miracles, was crucified, was buried, rose again, ascended to heaven and is now sitting at the right hand of God the Father.
  • In the Bible as the inspired and infallible Word of God.
  • In the Church as the body of all believers who have put their trust in Jesus Christ.
  • That the goal of believers is to glorify God and proclaim the good news of God’s salvation to the world.

Cancellations and Changes

If you must cancel your reservation or make a change to your reservation which decreases the number of nights and/or facilities used, and if your reservation is within three months, the following fees are assessed:

  • If the cancellation or change decreases the number of nights at EdenRidge by 1-3 nights, the fee is the equivalent to one night’s stay per facility.
  • If the cancellation or change decreases the number of nights at EdenRidge by 4-6 nights, the fee is the equivalent to two nights’ stay per facility.
  • If the cancellation or change decreases the number of nights at EdenRidge by 7 or more nights, the fee is the equivalent to three nights’ stay per facility.

Please visit www.edenridge.org/cancel to request a change or cancellation.

FAQ - Why do we charge a cancellation fee? Our facilities are limited and we regularly turn away missionaries due to a lack of available cabins. We have found that missionaries often book months in advance, consequently last minute cancellations often result in unfilled days. Furthermore, we depend on the income from our cabin rentals to cover our operating expenses; thus cancellations without fees would limit our ability to keep our rental rates low for missionaries.

Road construction will take place this fall and winter, but most of the work will be 300 feet or more away from our guest cabins. The exception is a new road segment going behind the Joy and Peace Cabins, which will take place between January 19th and February 28, 2017. Those two cabins have been blocked due to the expected noise from the construction. Please email us if you’d like to use one of those cabins during that time and don’t think the noise would bother you (the rate will be discounted).

Check-in / Check-out Times

Normal check-in is after 3pm and check-out is before 10am. If there are no guests before and/or after your stay we can be flexible with those times, so please let us know if you would like to check-in earlier or check-out later. We will make every effort to accommodate your request.

Use of Fairfield Glade Amenities

Fairfield Glade is a resort community located 10 minutes from EdenRidge. Click here to learn more and to request guest cards to use the resort's many amenities during your stay at EdenRidge (fees apply). If you plan to use these amenities, please fill out the form at least one week prior to your arrival at EdenRidge.

Boat Rides

Local residents in Fairfield Glade who live on Lake Dartmoor are sometimes available to take EdenRidge guests on a free boat ride. To enquire about the possibility of a boat ride, please email boatrides@edenridge.org.

Winter Reservations

We welcome winter reservations, however we may need to cancel reservations if the roads surrounding EdenRidge are unsafe due to snow or ice. Although this rarely happens, if such a decision has to be made, we will contact you to discuss the situation with you.

Wi-Fi Access

Guests are encouraged to use their cellphones and personal hotspots for their Internet needs according to their individual data plans. Cell/LTE access is excellent on the entire EdenRidge property. EdenRidge does provide limited satellite-based Wi-Fi access around the office and pavilion area, which at times (under perfect conditions) may reach some of our guest facilities. The service is slow, limited, and is not intended as a substitute for your own cellphones and personal hotspots.

Getting to EdenRidge

EdenRidge is located at 4866 Hebbertsburg Road, Crab Orchard, Tennessee 37723. Please note that we cannot receive mail at this address. Our mailing address is PO Box 1664, Fairfield Glade, TN 38558.

What Happens After You Make a Reservation?

About a week prior to your arrival at EdenRidge, you will be contacted via email by someone on our hosting team to give you the gate code and your guest facility code. If you do not receive that email please email us at rest@edenridge.org.

When and How to Pay

Our reservation system will show you the total amount due for your stay, but is not setup to accept payments; nor do we currently require a deposit. You are welcome to pay by check or cash at the conclusion of your stay with us. You may also pay online here anytime prior to or during your stay to pay with a credit card or bank draft.

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