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Missionaries travel thousands of miles to visit family and friends and to present their work in churches, often all the while facing the need to seek financial support. While rewarding in many ways, missionaries' travels are often stressful and tiring. 

Our research shows that of the more than seventy five thousand missionaries who travel through the United States every year, only twelve percent take the time to rest. Many are exhausted when they return to their field of service, yet their work has piled up while they were away. Asked why they don’t take the time to rest, 65% of missionaries said they could not afford a retreat center or similar facility. More than half also said they were not aware of any missionary retreat centers. While there are a few missionary retreat centers or retreat centers that offer discounts to missionaries, they are few and far between.

Why a missionary-focused retreat center?

Mission to Missionaries exists to serve missionaries. We want missionaries to enjoy a retreat center focused on them, and we don’t want money to be the reason they don’t come. This retreat center, currently operating and still under construction, is called EdenRidge.

The key word at EdenRidge is rest. For some, rest may mean staying put at EdenRidge in one of our beautifully furnished and decorated guest accommodations while enjoying the calm and serene surroundings. For others, it may mean time as a family enjoying some of the great parks and attractions in the area, or the many amenities in nearby Fairfield Glade. After a stay at EdenRidge, our prayer is that missionaries will be well rested, renewed, and ready to continue their travels in the United States or to return to their field of service.

In 2005, Mission to Missionaries purchased 130 acres of beautiful land on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee. The property is located near the town of Crossville and the Fairfield Glade retirement resort, and is within a day’s drive of two thirds of the United States’ population.

The property features beautiful views and bluffs throughout. Located just ten minutes from Interstate 40, it is easily accessible yet completely remote. Most of the land around EdenRidge was purchased in 2007 by the state’s Park and Recreation Department for the future Cumberland Trail project.

Currently, Our phase 1 facilities include two cabins and two cottages, a picnic pavilion, a welcome office, and a utility building. Our current capital campaign aims to complete Phase 1 with the addition of group/family cabin in 2016.

Future phases

The long-term vision for EdenRidge is a world-class retreat center featuring up to 20 missionary guest cabins and cottages, a conference center, and a retirement center. To accommodate these various projects, we envision the construction of additional cabins and cottages, a main lodge, a chapel, a multi-purpose building, and numerous support structures. When fully constructed, these facilities will make it possible for EdenRidge to welcome thousands of missionary guests a year as well as church and missionary organization groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can non-missionaries stay at EdenRidge?
Yes! Most missionaries make their reservations 4+ months ahead of time while most non-missionaries make their reservations less than 3 months ahead of time. There is therefore a complimentary relationship between these two groups and we welcome and encourage both to come. Furthermore, non-missionaries pay higher fees and consequently play a role in helping to keep the costs low for missionaries. All guests must agree with the ministry’s statement of faith in accordance with our 501(c)3 IRS status.

How is EdenRidge funded?
The fees paid by our guests cover our operating costs including insurance, utilities, supplies, and taxes. 100% of all additional funds received are used to expand EdenRidge’s facilities, with no percentage taken out for operating costs. Mission to Missionaries has no debt and donations are tax-deductible in accordance with our 501(c)3 IRS status.

What are EdenRidge’s future plans?
Besides continued anticipated growth as a retreat center and vacation destination, EdenRidge plans the construction of a conference center as well as long-term housing for caretakers and missionaries on sabbatical or retirement.

Does EdenRidge welcome groups?
To the extent that our facilities allow, we welcome groups including but not limited to family reunions, retreats, and work teams. Currently, our two cabins can accommodate four guests each, our two cottages can accommodate two guests each, and our two rustic bunk rooms in our Utility Building can accommodate four guests each. Our only common use facility at this time is the Grace Pavilion which seats 24. 

Does EdenRidge offer counselling services or “structured” rest?
Not at this time. Although we are open to providing such services in the future, EdenRidge’s current focus is on providing a place of rest and rejuvenation.

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